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December 16, 2005
I've searched the forum and couldn't find an answer specific to this question:

I've just installed the newest version of ffdshow since i heard it had great speed improvements but it doesn't seem to be working with MediaPortal .2 when it comes to DVDs. I switched on the OSD and when I play DVDs its not shown. I am using Nvidia decoders for both audio and video and ffshow works fine with divx, xvid, etc but not DVDs. I have it enabled in the post processing option so I know its not MP. I have the following settings enabled within ffdshow.

Resize 1920x1080
Lanczos 4x with w/ luma sharpen 1.2

Under output I have it set to YV12.

In the codecs screen I have RAW VIDEO set to YV12 but above it the Mpeg2 codec is disabled by default. When I enable it using "libvcodec" or "libvmpeg2" there is an option to check DVD Decoding and next to that it says (not yet working). Last I knew FFdshow works with DVDs and I'm not aware of any changes. Does anybody have any idea as to what the problem might be?


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August 26, 2005
I use a version back from April 2005 that works with DVD's. A while back I did some experimenting and blew a whole day testing the diff. versions of ffdshow with MP. Seems that any version of ffdshow after April 2005 doesn't work right with MP (ie, works for some things but not others, or not at all).

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