ffdshow audio sync problem on Live TV only

Discussion in 'Codecs, External Players' started by CCob, February 20, 2010.

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    November 10, 2008
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    MediaPortal Version: 1.1 RC
    MediaPortal Skin: Blue Two (wide)
    Windows Version: Visa x86 SP1
    CPU Type: AMD X2 4200
    HDD: 160GB
    Memory: 4GB
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H
    Video Card: ATI HD3200
    Video Card Driver: Catalyst 8.11
    Sound Card: SB700 Azalia
    Sound Card AC3:
    Sound Card Driver:
    1. TV Card: Budget S-1401
    1. TV Card Type: DVB-S
    1. TV Card Driver: (BDA)
    2. TV Card: TT Budget S-1401
    2. TV Card Type: DVB-S
    2. TV Card Driver: (BDA)
    3. TV Card:
    3. TV Card Type:
    3. TV Card Driver:
    4. TV Card:
    4. TV Card Type:
    4. TV Card Driver:
    MPEG2 Video Codec: ffdshow
    MPEG2 Audio Codec: ffdshow
    h.264 Video Codec: ffdshow DXVA
    Satelite/CableTV Provider: Astra 28.2
    HTPC Case: Omaura TF-5
    Power Supply:
    Remote: MCE Remote
    TV: Samsung M87
    TV - HTPC Connection: HDMI

    I have setup mediaportal to use ffdshow for live tv simply because it's up scaling, de-interlacing and post processing is excellent compared to that of my on-board HD3200 and mediaportal alone.

    The only trouble I have with it is when I initially turn on live TV the audio is out of sync by around 1 second. Now if I skip back 15s in the live tv buffer it syncs up without issue. Recorded TV (of the same show) and DVD's are fine.

    Anyone have any idea what this could be?

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  3. 1stdead

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    February 1, 2008
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    I'm having a similar problem with FFDshow only too. I converted my dvd's to mkv and every 10mins audio is 1s out of sync. Happens only with ffdshow, tested with MPCHC own codecs - no problems there. :( Looking forward to a solution as well.
  4. anllyy

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    February 24, 2010
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    well, how to say, a lot of DVD ripper has the sync problem. I am using moyea DVD ripper now, I can not say it can satisfy you needs very well but it is already good enough and the after-sale service is good too.

    Hope will help.

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