Fidelity Skin Version 1.3 Ready for Download 30.04.2011 (1 Viewer)


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    Here it comes, the new Version of Fidelity Skin 1.3

    Over the last five months i have done a complete overwork of this skin.

    This Skin is in the line with all changes of MP for 1.2.0 Beta

    The goal of the skin is to have a clean gui as possible, by a modern professional look.
    The new version is a complete overworked one, which means nearly all stuff is done new and make use of all the new cool stuff we have now inside Mp Skin engine.
    Special thanks here to ajp and marvman for the fantastic new skin engine improvements, besides all the other developer of MP what have done a great Job there.

    The skin uses now in all views and relevant GFX, the new Mask stuff, that means no fake GFX are longer needed to make rounded edges or else there.

    With that overwork stuff the skin has now the possibility to easy change the design with other colours, means you can now self choose how the skin should look like, Blue, green, red or what you want.

    The Skin package will come with a customize folder, where you can choose the colour you like best.
    For now the skin customize is possible for Blue, red, green and purple colour and also for the time of the day Colour change. “Time of the Day colour” changes the Background colour self by using the time steps of the day, so it use over the Day for 24 hours, 24 Colour steps.

    Skin supports now also fanarthandlerplugin, so you will see fanartbackdrops now in filmstrip and cover flow views in Music and Video parts, also the Now playing screen supports now fan art.

    The new List view in the skin uses now also mask stuff for the preview of selected item, so the preview is now inside the background with a smooth fade and fits to all Background colours self.

    In Basichomescreen you will see also a new icon that is called “Word clock”. This is a complete new clock what tells you the time in real words in a nice matrix. Also supports it music information of now playing.

    Also do the skin now supports much more Plugins in there newest versions for MP1.2Beta.

    There are so many new stuff inside the skin, which it is too much to list all here, so it will be the best to test out the skin your self. ;)

    [URL=""]Download of Fidelity Skin 1.3[/URL]

    Would be nice if you vote the skin on Download page with the Star rating, which will make the new skin version more popular and will help new users to find them better. “Many Thanks”

    If you want change the Colour of the skin, you will find a folder called “Customize” inside the skin folder.
    In this “Customize” folder you have the xml´s for the colours, like Blue, Red, Green,
    Purple and “Time of the Day colour”.
    You only have to copy and paste the relevant xml to the Skin folder.

    So let’s start the download and have fun with the skin.

    Best regards Harley

    Basic Blue.jpg Basic Green.jpg Basic Puple.jpg Basic RED.jpg
    Basichome1.jpg Basichomeweather.jpg Details Window.jpg EPG.jpg
    Keyboard.jpg Last FM.jpg Moving Pictures2.jpg Music Coverflow.jpg
    Music List.jpg Music Thumbs.jpg Music Vinyl.jpg MyFilms.jpg
    Now Playing.jpg Online Videos.jpg Pictures Cover.jpg Pictures List.jpg
    Pictures Thumb.jpg Radio.jpg Recorded TV.jpg Settings.jpg
    TV Home.jpg TV miniepg.jpg Video Coverflow.jpg Video List.jpg
    Weather.jpg Wordclock.jpg Time of the Day Colour.jpg

    Harry Morgen

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    Hi Harley, i may be being a bit thick here but how do you install this version of Fidelity, there doesn't appear to be a mpe1 file?

    Ignore that last post, it was Internet Explorer 8 insisting on downloading the skin as a zip file! :sorry:

    Awesome! Many thanks Harley :D


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    Yes, i have the same problem here, but don´t know whats going wrong there. It shows me after doenloading also a zip file.
    Perhaps it is better to upload the skin not as mpie installer. :(

    Greetings Harley :)


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    Yes, i have the same problem here, but don´t know whats going wrong there. It shows me after doenloading also a zip file.
    Perhaps it is better to upload the skin not as mpie installer. :(

    Greetings Harley :)
    hi Harley ! how are you ...

    even if downlad as zip file , it's no problem to use it ... just do this ..

    stand on the zip file -- right click ---- open with---- choose program----- look for MpeInstaller ..

    and the file will open as mpie and will install o.k ... :)


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    Hi Harley,
    Looking Great! Your changes have made this already very polished skin somehow shine even more!

    A few things:

    1. On install I selected "Blue colour" but it did not take effect.
    2. Fan Art does not display in the sub screens of TV Series
    3. Problem on final screen of iTunes Movie Trailers under Online Videos plugin does not display, causes hang. This was also an issue noted in previous Fidelity versions. This works fine in "DefaultWide" skin
    4. Not sure if it is just my system but TV Series in banner view when scrolling through pages looks very "jumpy" on the banners moving in and out of the display area. (love the new look with the rounded edges though!) It could be my system as the new coverflow feature is not fluid and jumps to the next every couple of cycles; this happens on both Fidelity and DefaultWde for me.

    Thank-you for this great looking skin!


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    August 15, 2007
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    Hi Harley

    for some reason I'm not allow to install this... nice teaser you got going on. :p


    edit: solution found

    I had to go to display setting and change the settings from default to max



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    August 15, 2007
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    Hi harley,

    awesome skin... almost makes me a bit sad to boarding line seperating from Bezeal skin :)

    couple mnor thing to help

    1: weather (its raining here and notice your rain cloud looks a bit clipped off at the sides

    2: went to use green skin and nothing got changed.. all other s did work except for time of day... it was the green that i was looking for.

    something tells me you were working very late or been drinking


    thanks again


    edit: the time of day works correctly.. just it was green when tested and asumed it was static green.

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