Final MP 1.1 support for Blu-ray subtitles? Getting desperate before feature freeze (1 Viewer)


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October 23, 2006
Denmark Denmark
So, I have ripped my Blu-rays to .iso format. I would like to play these, using MediaPortal. I can play them by mounting the .iso and actually play them using the internal player (through MovingPictures). My problem is that I can't get subtitles working - the list with all the subtitles just contains a lot of "Undecided" tracks and none of them works. The same happens with the audio tracks (lists as "undecided"), although I can actually change the audio tracks, even though I can't see what I'm changing it too.

Now, I could live with this, since I thought that the only solution was an external player such as PowerDVD. But recently I found out, via the thread I made in MovingPictures part of the forum, that MPC-HC can play Blu-rays with full support for the subtitles and audio tracks.

As I remember, MediaPortal recently adopted MPC-HC's subtitle engine. So I don't understand why MediaPortal doesn't support this. Is it a hard fix?

The reason I ask (and wrote desperate in the title) is that MediaPortal goes into Feature Freeze on thursday. It would be absolutely amazing if support for this could be added before. Otherwise it will take a very long time before we get a stable version with support for this.

One of the reasons I think this is important, is that if this is added, MediaPortal would be the only (that I know of) of the big HTPC applications that support this. VMC still relies on external players.
It would be a huge advantage over other HTPC applications to have support for this, in my opinion.

Is this something that can be added relatively easily? I would think, since MPC-HC's subtitles engine is already integrated.


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  • January 7, 2005
    Are you using haali splitter? I think it doesn't support Blu-ray subtitles (HDMV). Nothing we can do about it (MPC-HC uses it's own internal splitter).


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    October 23, 2006
    Denmark Denmark
    Yes I am using Haali. So the problem actually lies there? Interesting.

    Do you have any idea if/how I could make it work in MP? Maybe using another splitter?

    I am not even sure why Haali is used for splitting the Blu-ray disc. Would it be possible to make Haali not do this, and instead use something else?

    Thanks for the quick response.

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