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December 6, 2008
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I've found two movies (so far) that aren't found when I do a search from within the MP 1.01 Config application, but are easily found by going to the IMDB web site and manually searching. Both of these movies were found when I searched from MP 1.0.

Heartbreak Ridge
Last of the Dogmen

Does anyone have any idea what is keeping MP from finding these movies on IMDB?


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  • September 17, 2005
    If it cannot find the movie, but you can find it on imdb, do following:
    from the link:
    take the tt0091187 part and use it as a string to search in mp. That should then find the needed movie.

    I also suggest using MovingPictures plugin, which has built in much more intelligence into finding the correct movie automatically.

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