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January 30, 2008
Australia Australia
HI All

I wonder if someone can point me in the direction..

I am running the MP beta version with no extra SVNs installed on Windows 7.

Anyway a few days ago i purchased a USB DVB-T/FM/DAB+ Receiver (Dabby) from digital now and im trying to get
the FM at least to be recognised in Mediaportal but MP only sees the DVB-T not the FM..

Also this unit can play the DAB digital radio but i asume MP dont support that at all.. IS there any sulution or plugin that any one knows of..

Any assistance appreciated.


Portal Pro
January 30, 2008
Australia Australia
Hi phil.jay
This USB Dongle DAB+ does work but only with the supplied APP.
Media Portal only sees the Digital tuner but not the DAB or FM. I have put a few different requests etc to see if i could find out if it can be supported
now or in the future but no response which is a pitty because the DAB readio is brillient..

Any way i will continue to put up requests etc and maybe eventually get a answer..

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