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August 15, 2005

I'm new here - but enough smalltalk, lets get something done!

Problem: I (and probably many of you?) are not blessed with having a personal DJ (who happens to choose very perfect music - all the time - all day long).

My situation: I want to do something about this problem. I almost started making my own "MediaBrowser" (as I called it). But then I found out about MP - and due to very nice work of you all, MP seems to be a very nice startpoint for solving the problem.

- We need an overwhealmingly good search-engine that is fast and can search/filter/sort kind of everyting!
- We need to log everything (to be able to search about it).
- We should be able to rate music/albums/artists etc
- We should have "playlist algoritm generator" to generate a playlist like for example the "old-jazz-music-that-I-never-listened-to-before-and-are-rated-high-by-professionals-mixed-with-some-ownrated-superduper-good-grunge-that-are-not-older-than-1978"-playlist
- We should have even more other straight-forward randomizing-probabilities...
- And so on. There are many things to do to easy the living of us humans.

How this in MP?
MP:s main purpuse is to be used on a TV, and that is perfect. But I think we need another UI, a "Remote Control with high resolution screen" like a normal computer with its monitor! This "Remote UI" could also be slimmed to be used on mobiles, palms, the web etc. But the main thing I think is the ability to see and do a lot of stuff on the same screen.
And the only thing the "Remote UI" does is workning with the MP's current functionality (like playlists)

Why "Remote UI" and not just "SomeThingOther UI"?
Because you might have a HTPC that is only connected to the TV. And that's where you have MP. But you might want to remotally controll MP from a wireless-connected desktop computer or something else...

Me do now: So I want to create this "Remote UI" as a plugin now to see how this could look like, and see if anybody thinks I have any good ideas (maybe it's only I who lacks an personal DJ - I don't know...)

But first - what do you think????
Any ideas?
Reflections or something?

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