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August 8, 2005
Remote: MCE 2005 european version.

These three "bugs" are a little bit trivial. However, due to them, my mother entered in "panic state" during MP usage :roll: .

1. Starting from MP main screen, you can enter in different section, i.e. my music, my pictures and so on.
MP then shows the list of the applicable shares, as defined during set-up.
If you browse and then select a share (i.e. a local hard disk folder or a CD/DVD), further folder levels could be displayed, browsed and selected, accordingly with the relevant folder tree, until you reach the relevant files repository.
If you select a wrong folder and, as a consequence, you don't find what you searched, you (i.e. my mother) could have been instructed (by me...) to press the remote control "green button" in order to go back to the main screen.
Now, when you are at the main screen, if you repeat the previous sequence from the main screen (i.e. select "my music" again) you will go again at the latest selected folder, i.e. at the wrong one (see above).
To avoid this infinte loop, you must use the "back" button (instead to the "green button") a number of time, until you go back to the main screen.
I think that it should be better that the "memory" of the latest selected folder is "erased" when the GUI enters in the mains screen page.
Instead, I think that the "memory" of the latest selected item within a folder, that can be used
- selecting a folder and then pressing "back" on the remote control, or
- repeatetly pressing "OK" and "back" to enter in/exit from different levels
is a good feature that could be maintained, in order to speed up the browsing.

2. In my music and also in other sections like my pictures, if you press the "back" button while a folder (i.e. not a playlist or the list of the saved playlists) is displayed but the "highlighed" item is in the left section of the screen (i.e. the "view" item, shown on left, is higlighted instead to an mp3 file, shown on right), the effect is that you go back to the main screen instead to go on the previously selected folder.
Again, if you re-try to select my music, the item 1 above described occurs, i.e. the latest selected folder instead to the list of shares is displayed.
To go one page back, you must press "back" only after that you are sure that an item on the right part of the screen is selected. If this doesn't occur, you must press "right" and then "back".
A better behaviour could be the following:
- starting from any folder, e.g. with the "view" button highlighted, pressing "back" you go on the latest selected folder instead to the main screen, i.e. in this case the latest folder "memory" should be used.

3. In my pictures, when you select a picture to show it in full screen and then you press "back" to exit from the full screen view, the "view" button, shown on left, is highlighted.
Now, if you press "back", the item 2 occurs, i.e. you go to the main screen instead to the latest selected folder.
Also, the same behaviour occurs when you select my pictures from the main screen.
To go to the previously selected folder, you must press "right" and then "back" instead to simply press "back".
Also, to select a pictures share from the main screen, you must press "OK" (my pictures is selected), "right" an then "down" as applicable (the relevant share is highlighted) and then "OK" (the relevant share is selected). A more immediate sequence should be"OK" (my pictures is selected), "down" as applicable (the relevant share is highlighted) and then "OK" (the relevant share is selected).
The item 3 doesn't occurs in my music and in my videos, and the above described operations are done in a more immediate way.

Finally, four tips/features request (if they are possible).

1. When an item is highlighted, if you press "OK" the item is "played", i.e.:
- the content of a folder is shown.
- a picture is shown in full screen.
- a video file or a DVD starts to play in full screen.
- an audio file starts to play.
Could MP be set in a way that the same effect is obtained with the "play" button?

2. While the pictures are shown in full screen mode, could the "skip" and "repeat" buttons have the same effect of the "right" and "left" buttons", i.e. the effect to show the next/previous picture?

3. Could MP be set in a way that the television is shown in full screen as soon as the television section is selected (no "fullscreen" button pressed)?

4. When TV is in full screen and the OSD is shown, could the "up" "down" "left" "right" buttons be used to
- show the programs at different times on the same channel ("left" "right"), or
- show the programs on different channels, but without actually changing the channel ("up" "down")?
I realise that this could imply the set-up of two different OSDs, the first one to do this and the second one to manage the current recording/timeshift/subtitles/audio features.
Maybe, all this could be managed using consecutive OSD button presses in this way: no OSD shown->first OSD shown->second OSD shown->no OSD shown etc.

Final words :D : thanks for your great MP software!!


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August 13, 2005
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I could take or leave most of the items on this list (I think that losing the open folder "memory" every time you go to the home screen would be infuriating, for example), but I think the OSD suggestion (number 4, just above) is a really good idea. This is how my set top box work and it is really helpful to be able to see the shows currently on other channels and the next show on the channel you are on whilst not interrupting television viewing.

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