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due less time and interrest i have a 6 Week old HTPC System for sale.
since on off my Workplace Harddsik seems to be damaged, I have to sell this System without any Harddisk :(.

  • # Celeron 2.53 GHz
    # Artic Cooling Freezer4 CPU Cooler
    # 256 MB PC-400 DDR-RAM (brand)
    # Matrox Millenium G450 Dualhead AGP inkl. TV-Out-Cable (Composite + SVHS)

    # Samsung DVD-ROM 16xDVD/48xCDROM black

    # Mainboard: MSI Neo2-PFS Intel 865PE Chipsatz(spdif, Gigabit LAN etc)
    # Desktop Case black
    # 400 Watt COBA PSU

Some info about the case

This parts had cost me arround 480 Euros without the Harddisk.
All Parts have the saler and producer warranty, minus the 6 weeks.
The machine has run arround 30-50 hours, so its rarley used.
Please visit the webpages of the Manufactors for more Info.
There is only one of five PCI Slots in use.
I can only ship to germany.

Price: 300 Euro VB


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