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December 15, 2008
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Hi -

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum (mods, please move if it is)...

Is there a way, via config option or something I can set in myvideo.xml that would force "My Videos" to open in "share" view?

I can go in to more detail if needed, but in short, I am already using Moving Pictures for Movies and MyTV-Series for TV shows. Since I have both of those covered, I'm using MyVideos to essentially point to a single directory that I use for "home movies" (stuff I shoot with my camcorder). I'm modifying a particular skin to fit my needs, and my ultimate goal with "MyVideos" is to simply open a list of files in the directory I have it pointed to, click and watch. I'm removing all sorting, views, etc, and want to just open in "Share" view and stay there.

Thanks in advance.

And a BIG thanks to the devs and the creators of Moving Pictures and MyTV-Series. MediaPortal is turning in to exactly what I'm looking for (been playing with it and tweaking things for a couple of months now). This is about the last thing I need to "tweak"...

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