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    The Issue Tracker

    We use the Issue Tracker at our Google Code page for tracking both bugs and enhancement requests. If you have either, this is where you should be heading. Before you head over there though, please read through this guide as it will help you become more familiar with our process.

    To begin with, to report a bug or a request an enhancement on the Issue Tracker, you need a Google account. It is free and quick to sign up. I'm sorry this is just how it is. If you really don't want to create a Google account or not sure if you should create one, that is okay, you can post here on the forums as well.

    Submitting Bug Reports

    If you have found what you feel like is a legitimate, undocumented bug in Streamed MP, you should create a bug report on the Issue Tracker or Create a NEW thread in the forums, please do not use the release threads to report any issues. You should keep the following points in mind though when creating or deciding to create a new issue:

    The Issue Tracker is not technical support. If you have a question about how to use a plugin\skin or how to get it working with your setup, this should be posted in the forum. If MediaPortal crashed, there are error messages in your log file, or something is clearly not working as intended, then you should create a new issue on the Tracker\Forum.

    The Issue Tracker\Forum have great search functions. Please use them before you create a new bug report, as it is very possible you are not the first to experience the problem. If an issue already exists and you feel you have something to add, post in the corresponding thread.

    If you are using the Issue Tracker and want to be kept up to date on an issue, click the star next to the issue on the list. If using the Forum then you can subscribe to a thread. Once you do this you will receive email updates as the status of the issue changes. If using the Issue Tracker, it also serves as an indicator of the need from the user base for an issue to get fixed. Basically a way to vote for the priority of the issue.

    When creating your bug report please explain the issue clearly (with reproducible steps) with a full set of Log files and if possible include screenshots describing the problem.

    Generating Logs

    To generate logs, MediaPortal has a debug tool you can run:

    1. From Start->Programs->Team MediaPortal->MediaPortal select MediaPortal Debug-Mode.
    2. Select the 2nd option Report a bug to a Plugin Developer or Skin Designer.
    3. Click Proceed.
    4. Reproduce your issue, then close MediaPortal.
    5. Upon exit, Log files will be generated and saved in location specified, by default this is the desktop.
    6. Attach generated zip file to forum post.

    Also a bug report won't be accepted if you are not running the latest build of the skin and/or plugins that come bundled with the installer.

    Making Enhancement Requests

    For feature requests, as mentioned above, we also use the Issue Tracker. If you feel like you have a great idea, by all means please create a new Enhancement Issue in the tracker. When making a new issue please use the Enhancement Request Template selectable from the drop-down at the top of the new request page (the default if you click the above link). And when making requests, please keep the following things in mind:
    As mentioned before, the search function on the issue tracker is very good. Please use it.

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