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  • February 18, 2008
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    Hi guys and gals,

    puh, after a long session with the resource access module, I finally found/fixed some problems. One of them was that remote resources sometimes could not be retrieved, seemingly coincidentally.

    It seems that I introduced a little conceptual problem in the resource access protocol. When the system tries to locate a resource, it uses two parameters SystemName and ResourcePath. The SystemName should determine the MP2 system where the resource is located and the ResourcePath should point to the resource in that system.
    But when multiple MP2 applications are running on the same system, especially when MP2 server and client both are running on the same PC, the SystemName is ambiguous; all of the MP2 applications on the same PC match. Thus, the resource access module uses the first system which matches. But if the share which is referenced by the ResourcePath is defined in the client and not in the server or vice versa, that MP2 application can find the resource or can not find it, it depends which application is found first.

    Another problem occurs when both client and server are running on the same PC and use the same drive letter for the virtual Dokan drive, which is the case by default. In that case, if the MP2 server is started before the client, the server already occupies the drive letter (typically R:) and the client cannot access remote resources any more via its local filesystem.

    I'll fix those two problems asap. Other problems in the module have already been fixed at the weekend.

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