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    The FRITZ!Box plugin is a process plugin, which is able to notify you on incoming calls on your FRITZ!Box.
    • All strings are multi language.
    • You will be informed with a small notify. It is possible to stop media playback automatically or to resume if you close the notify. You can specify your MSNs now, for which the notify should be shown. That avoids showing the notify when you get a fax.
    • In the plugin is a small phone book integrated, so you can define your own name/text for a specific caller. You can blacklist each entry, then no notify will be shown if he calls you. If someone calls you who is not already in the phone book, it is possible to add it automatically.
    • The plugin supports pictures for each caller. You can place a picture in "Thumbs\YAC"-directory which is in jpg, png or bmp format. The filename have to be the specified name NOT the callerid.

    This plugin only notifies you about incoming calls. If you want to use more features of your FRITZ!Box, please take a look at the FRITZ!Box Manager plugin.

    • Requires a AVM FRITZ!Box Website en Website de
    • For importing your contacts from Fritz!Box Monitor, you need at least Fritz!Box Monitor v01.02.00

    Preparing your FRITZ!Box to send the calling information
    You need to open the TCP-Port 1012 on your FRITZ!Box to use the plugin. For opening the port call #96*5* on your phone. If you want to close the port again you can call #96*4*, but then the plugin won't work anymore.

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    • v0.3.3.1
      • fixed: plugin was not started as process plugin on MP start
      • improved test connection within plugin configuration window
    • v0.3.3.0
      • recompiled using latest MP binaries
      • added option to start the client within configuration
      • upgraded to *.mpe1 package for installation
    • v0.3.2.0
      • completely reworked the communication between MediaPortal and FRITZ!Box
      • added reconnect feature, now it also gets the call infos after the FRITZ!Box was rebooted, without restarting MediaPortal
    • v0.3.1.1
      • fixed an exception if phonebook feature is disabled
    • v0.3.1.0
      • support for new export format of Fritz!Box Monitor v01.02.00
      • added option to set suffixes for home, work and mobile phone numbers
      • added option to clear all entries in phone book
    • v0.3.0.1
      • fix for parsing a dateTime string, thx to NephilimDM
    • v0.3.0.0
      • performance improvements
      • added assembly information
      • minor changes
    • 0.2e
      • added option for displaying your own MSN on notify heading
      • added: when renaming a caller, who already has an image, the image-file will be renamed, too -> no manual work anymore
      • added icon to ?SetupForm, it is displayed in MPconfig > Plugins, too (THX to Harley, great icon )
      • added: some checks when adding caller
      • moved phone book stuff and the other checks from ?FritzBoxWatch.cs to ?FritzBox.cs
      • more cleanups for setup form
    • v0.2d
      • included is now a plugin dll for stable and one for latest SVN
      • changed MSN filter is now optional
    • v0.2c
      • added support for special caller pictures (_unknown , _noImage)
      • added preview for the caller picture in configuration
      • fixed: if caller is unknown, caller picture of the last identified was shown (thx gemini)
      • fixed: notify not shown if, if another one with same identified caller was shown before
    • v0.2b
      • added MSN filter
    • v0.2a
      • added picture support

    Release archive: Repository - [mp-plugins] Index of /trunk/plugins/FritzBox/releases

    Source code:


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    January 31, 2006
    some more details please:

    FritzBox Model, Firmware Version, ...

    You need at least Firmware version >= xx.xx.99 and you have to enable the call monitor. (dial #96*5* on a phone connected to your FB to enable it)


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    September 21, 2004
    Ok step by step

    FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7050 (UI), Firmware-Version 14.03.86

    I open the Plugin Setup i'm getting this Error Message:
    "Unhandled exception has occured...."
    "Could not load type "MediaPortal.Profiles.Settings" form assembly
    Core, Version=1.0.2196.22504, Culture=neutral,

    I hit continue

    I enter at the Field "FritzBox" and 80 at "Port"
    Now i hit "Test" and it Succeeded

    When i now hit Close i get the same Error as before but i can not exit with Continue. I have to klick on Quit and the Setup Crashes.

    When i now Start the MPSetup again nothing was saved.


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    January 31, 2006
    1. Upgrade your Firmware to 14.03.101
    2. Enable the call monitor
    3. You have to use Port 1012

    Which version of MP do you use?
    I compiled the plugin yesterday with latest CVS libraries


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    September 21, 2004
    Ok.. after i i Updated MP and the Fritzbox the error-msg is away.. but i'm not home.. so can i aktivate the Call-Monitor over the WebInterface?


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    January 31, 2006
    I don't use the WebInterface - no idea.

    Btw. when you still have the old plugin version without about dialog - you should download the latest one first. The 2nd thread ran with too high priority which resulted in a very poor performance on non SMP systems. I developed it on a HT system which is why I didn't noticed it first.

    If someone is still using MP RC2, please contact me. I have an idea how to fix the MediaPortal.Profiles.Settings issue.


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    September 21, 2004
    I have the actual version of the Plugin..

    hmm.. because of the Webinterface i have to wait untill tomorrow evening till i return home.


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    January 31, 2006
    Hannover; Germany CallMonitor


    I have the same problem. With the mediaportal-cvs-01-31-2006--01-03 an firmware FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7050 (UI), Firmware-Version 14.03.101 it works perfectly. But now my TV-Card dosn`t runs.

    So, can you compile an Version of CallMonitor with the last official stable Version 02.RC02?

    Many thanks in forward....


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