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November 2, 2005
When I load a DVD or play radio or digital TV in Windows Media Center 2005, the front LCD panel on my MSI Mega 865 lights up and displays some information such as DVD playing and what track.

obviously the MSI System Control Manager program listens to some events that MCE 2005 fires when something happens.

Is is possible to somehow get Media Portal to fire those same generic events MCE2005 fires when say a DVD is played?

Thus my LCD panel will then begin to work?


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February 5, 2007
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Hallo Guys.

As this post seems to be very old and and link below seems to be invalid too, is anyone still working on LCD panel of MSI Mega PC plugin?
I've been searching the forum for several times, with no luck.
Due to shitty policy of MSI it's hard to use all Mega PC features with Media Portal.


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