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  • April 22, 2004
    Just wanted to tell you that I found something new to me just a couple of days ago:

    An emulator for fruit machines!

    I know a lot of emulators, but I did not know this one.
    Indeed there are - I think 4 - emulators in one installation pack. You will need to download the fruit machine emulations, too. The newer ones also contain the roms. Whereas normaly roms are regarded as illegal, the matter with these seems to be different, since the roms are simply downloadable and not available over "dark channels".

    Together with domifans plugin I am sure they will work in MP, too.

    Maybe someone is interested in this. Web-Site is:


    Fruit-Emu contains all the files and resources necessary to run emulations for over 400 Fruit Machines. The aim of the site is to keep alive the memory of Fruit Machines which are over 3 years old and therefore are no longer available for play in arcades.



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