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I love the fact that you are using the Mediaplayers visual plugin on the music page. One thing I am ALLWAYS worried about is that my kids will turn on the TV set and leave the desktop on the screen and ruin the TV. It would be great if there was an option to go to fullscreen on the plugin but also set it to autostart a screensaver (or dim as on the xbox) when it is idle.

Other then that I am REALLY excited to see XBMP making it over to the PC. I am sure that in a year it will by far be one of the better platforms out there. I really like what I have seen so far.


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    you can allready go fullscreen during visualisation. Press X during music playback.

    As far as the screensaver, just set the screensaver in windows., you have a wide range of cool screensavers there.
    As of today we block the screensaver during full screen activity like movie playback, slideshows and visualisations.


    Man you are making me cry like a little baby, I should have known that my fav player on xbox would be great on PC also ;)

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