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April 13, 2009
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Crap. i was all set to go with the Nvidia MB solution, but then learned more about the AMD 790GX solution and it made me think.

I have noticed so many HTPC builds based on AMD rather than Intel. It seems that most people are trying to achieve two things. Those are low cost and low power utilization. As long as it can do 1080P, folks are happy. As of recent, it seems that AMD was the best choice, but with 65W Intel Core Duo processors, and the 9400 mGPU, the tides are turning.

Well, here comes my dilemma. I really want to build a MGPU solution that is lower in cost, has the lowest power utilization, but I want it to have the best/fastest embedded graphics card.

I plan to do the typical music, photo, and video play back (1080P or 720P MKV/H.264/AC3-DTS), but I also want the best GPU for playing an occasional Video game. Finally, I want a GPU which is the most efficient in plying HD content, weather it is a BR, MKV video file, or some IPTV (Hulu,, etc..)

Can someone, either through experience, or though reading please, please tell me which you would go with.

On top of that, can you suggest CPUs with each build.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess this was settled at the following link: GeForce 9400 seems to win, although the 790GX gave a good fight when it came to gaming numbers.

AnandTech: The IGP Chronicles Part 3: NVIDIA's GeForce 9300


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February 1, 2007
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Hi mate

Im currently running a 780g with a 4450e (2.3GHz) CPU and its great - its quiet and low power (although many people have complained about lack on interlacing options using X2 cpus - i do not use 1080i content so its not a problem for me).
If i was building a system now I would go for the Nvidia 9400 (ive also read the anandtech article) and choose an intel e5200. Ive recently built a media system (with media portal :D) using this cpu for a friend and it has more than enough power to decode HD on the cpu and runs very nicely. I have no working knowledge of the 9400 boards tho.

The E5200 is a core 2 (pentium) thus has less cache than a standard core 2 duo but IMO this is not significant factor for HTPC use. Its a 2.5GHz 45nm chip so is power efficent/ cool. This is also a budget chip which can be brought for about £50 in the UK. I really dont think there is any need in buying a faster/ hotter/ more expensive chip.


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