[Configuration] getting exception when trying to debug configuration phase (1 Viewer)


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November 1, 2009
MediaPortal Version: HEAD ver 24026
MediaPortal Skin: default
Windows Version: xp sp3 with all relevant sp
CPU Type: quad
HDD: 360GB
Memory: 2 GB
Motherboard: gigabyte
Video Card: nvidia 8800GT
Video Card Driver: latest
Sound Card: onboard
Sound Card AC3: onboard
Sound Card Driver: default
MPEG2 Video Codec: k-lite codec pack
MPEG2 Audio Codec: k-lite codec pack
h.264 Video Codec: k-lite codec pack
HTPC Case: no
Cooling: fans
Power Supply: 600+w
Remote: no
hi all new to this forum and first my deepest admiration for this sw - great job.
i wanted to extend the application with a plug-in so i have downloaded the source code and tried to run it with VS2008 enterprise edition but i'm getting constant exception of 'System.InvalidOperationExceptio when trying to set the splash screen as onTop.
i'm not a C# programmer (C/C++ are my main languages) but i have searched a bit and saw a thread saying that this member had been restricted from direct access in latest versions of .NET 2.0 but i didn't find a method that will give access to it - any ideas how to advance? i have tried to disable the line but without any luck. i also wanted to use delegated method to set this member but it seems there is no method to set it....

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