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  • July 1, 2007
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    I've gotten every other area of MP working great, but I'm getting near ready to give up on the MP music area. The issues I'm having are:

    certain music files will refuse to tag correctly: & why aren't tossing tag programs able to be compatible. I've tried MP3Tagv243, Mediamonkeyv3101242 & Tagscan532. I like tagscan as it allows auotnumbering from the songs' filenames, which the others don't. [rant] Only issue: the other programmes don't recognise it. I can tag an album, open it with another of the editors & the previous editing isn't even there! May not be such an issue as MP appears to list song tracks from the filename. But for bookkeeping pruposes, it would be nice if they would function. Why do we need so many different variants of tags: its absolute BS. :mad: [/rant]

    In case you're wondering, I've got a lot of older compilation albums of various artists I am wanting customise into albums of my own making; eg. Hits of the 80's-volume *, Rock's Greatest-volume *, etc.

    MP will NOT show certain album covers correctly, even though EVERY other program I have does! The tags (amazingly enough) even show the covers are tagged properly.

    All I want to do is filmstrip my collection in alphabetical order (album-wise) -with the correct cover- & click on it, to open the tracking listing, & go from there.

    I have to admit, I just don't get the views section in the MP config. Would be nice if there were some base examples in the WIKI for people like me to work from. I guess must be thick :D

    Any assitance for these issues would be greatly appreciated. :D


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  • September 15, 2004
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    maybe you should use MPTagThat as your tagger :) (serach for it in the download section)

    Have you told MP, while scanning your files, that it should use the Cover Art stored inside the files?

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