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    As many of you would have notice after 0.2.0 RC2 software encoding card support has been removed.
    One of the main reasons was there were alot of problems with it but most of all we wanted to have a common recording & timeshifting method to maintain for Analogue cards.

    With this in mind we have changed strategy which some will like and others will disslike. It does give you the opportunity to use MediaPortal how we want you to use it with these cards.

    So what am I talking about... well we can use the 'software encoders' provided with your card to give us the MPEG-2 streams we require for the recording and timeshifting engine.

    There is a downside... To do so your CPU will have to be powerful enough to encode & decode the streams smoothly and also allow decent MediaPortal navigation whilst doing so. Hence the MediaPortal teams suggests a P4 2.8GHz processor or faster. You may be able to get away with a slower processor but thats up to your hardware and codecs etc.

    What I need to make this work...

    1. I need the filters for your TV card (and encoders - see point 2) as per this thread.

    2. Ensure you also provide the 'Software MPEG-2 Encoders' for your card.
    Note: These will generally be available under the DirectShow filters section - they will be available when you install the PVR application that comes with your card. I need the MPEG Video Encoder, the MPEG Audio Encoder and the MPEG Multiplexer (aka Muxer).

    Example: LeadTek's TV2000 XP card comes with these filters;
    LeadTek MPEG Video Encoder
    LeadTek Audio Encoder
    Leadtek MPEG Muxer.

    Note: At this time we cannot control the quality settings of the MPEG-2 encoders but you should only need to set this once in the supplied PVR application that comes with your card.

    Once I have this and you have a fast CPU then we have a shot at adding this support.
    Just send the information to

    If your card does not ship with software encoders then at this time please refrain from sending me this information.

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