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December 31, 2005
I have two TV's in the house and dishnetwork that i get pretty much free anyway..

I dont wanna use mythtv and build the crazy IR inaccurate things to communcate with the dishnetwork recievers.

I dont think mediaportal would be a good solutions for dishnetwork.

So i said I really never liked Tivo or cared about recording shows. The only thing I do with TV in this house is watch a few channels in the evening and news and what not or channel surf.

I have no need to record anything since I have a TB server that houses all my media. mp3, DIVX, ect....

All I want to do is take some extra PC's I have laying around and put some TV compatible cards in them to listen to mp3's, play mame, and watch divx movies look at pictures ect....

This should all be doable if I understand correctly and media portal sounds like the way I want to go.

Here are the two machines I am going to be using:

Better computer: (goes in main living room)
Compaq EZ2200 (looks like a blue toaster) will go behind a tv and not be seen in a corner.
I ordered a Geforce FX5200 PCI card for this PC with TV out and Direct X 9 support
I upgraded the processor in this thing to a 733 I had laying around.
Got 54MBPS DLINK cards for network.
It has built in sound that should be sufficient.
2 wireless logitech playstation/xbox like joysticks

Crapier computer:
Old Dell PII-300
Radeon 8500 with TV Out
DLINK wirless
Old crappy joystick

this will go downstairs in the game room next to the super nintendo and other junk i got. Im all PC i have like 10 computers in this house these are the crappy ones I have left over and I am not a big TV person. So this is my way of consolidation.

Here is what I want to know, since I know that you can control the media center with the gamepads/joysticks than this will be my remote. The upstairs will be wireless downstairs a little crappy one. This should allow me to control things without a IR cuts down on cost. Mame will be a big thing for me in this situation.

Do you think this will work ok? Can I get rid of the TV stuff and replace with watch videos on the main screens? Are there plugins for everything that I am wanting to do especially when talking about MAME?

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