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November 26, 2005
I'm brand sparkling new to this forum.
Bought Jan 06 edition of Personal computer world today where in a
group test of 8 applications Media Portal software was a standout star -
and the only freeware in the group test too!
So logged on, and downloaded the zip, though yet to install -
will have read of this forum and the FAQ first.

I have the PCI hauppauge WinTV nova-t (DVB-T) and use the hauppauge
WinTV software, but the latest software/driver update's, though seeming
to rid recording's of the "glitches" that plaqued earlier versions, has for
editing purposes now limited compatibilty to just the latest version of
Vidomi and Ulead Videostudio8 - I'd much prefer to use Roxio VideoWave7.
Does anyone know of (or could point me to) any compatibilty issues
concerning mpeg file's produced with MP? Is one specific editing
application preferred to others?

Apoligies if this next question maybe wrong for this forum, but on the
off chance A fellow UK based nova-t user knows the answer.....
I know of one PCI DVB-T card - the Nebula, that can be configured
with a phoenix interface and CAM/seca2 card to receive TUTV
(top-up TV, paid-for extra channels) Anyone know of such a set-up
for the hauppauge nova-T?

Many Thanks.

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