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September 18, 2009
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Started on: 2010-11-28
last update: 2010-11-28

Some ideas to let users read news in a more comfortable way.

RSS News

My News - this is a great plugin which lacks just one feature. If downloads the whole site's text so you get much garbage instead of just news. It would be great if it worked like the WebEPG Grabber. You can tell the grabber where it should start reading the site's text, you just have to put some information in the grabber file.

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It would be great if it was implemented also there. I know that there's the InfoService plugin but it's not very good for me because it shows the whole site like in a regular browser and the point is to grab just the text and show it directly in the MP.
Actually the best thing would be if it was based entirely on the grabber scheme. You'd make a grabber file that would provide information which part of the site is the article's title, which one is the text and which one is the photo. Anyone thinks it's a good idea?

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