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September 4, 2004

I need to get myself a new graphics card for my HTPC.


- Atleast 1 DVI output.
- DirectX 9 support
- Very cheap
- Able to display 1280x768 widescreen resolution.
- Passive cooling would be a definite plus
- Work well with MP (Don't they all? :) )
- Should handle a little gaming .... nothing major though, I'm talking old games.

I have a projector with a native 1024x768 resolution and an LCD TV with a native 1280x768 resolution.

I need the card to be able to output a "clone" image to the projector and the TV simultaneously so I won't have to mess with cables or change resolution when I want to use the computer with the projector and vice versa. So it should obviously provide the projector with a 1024x768 resolution and the TV with a 1280x768 resolution.

I want to use a DVI connector to connect the TV and D-SUB VGA to the projector.

I had something like an ATI Radeon 9550 in mind .... is that far off?

Any suggestions please?

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