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First let me say since it my first post what an impressive piece of software this is shaping up to be in a short time.

Second let me say that I know his request has come before but let me put in my 2 cents...

I would love to see this move in the client server direction. Be it UPNP or something proprietary. I think there are quite a few of us that would like to have a single server and multiple clients. I see there is work on a UPNP server plugin but I think that is the side that is less needed as there are already some decent servers out there. Not that i don't apreciate the work since I am sure in the long run the software will end up more compatible if it is inhouse. I think however that what would curently be of the greatest benifit would be the client side (eg UPNP renderer) especialy if it incorporates search functionality.

Also from the server side I think it would speed development to have it be a completly seperate pice of software than a plugin. This way you don;t have to worry about bugs from the other parts of the software encroaching on the debugging process.


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