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January 14, 2009
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When MP was first installed and configured all channels worked great.
Now some, but not all of the channels are displaying green screens on the TV Server/Client. However on the second TV Client all channels display perfectly.

I'm using HVR-4000 and and HVR-2000 TV cards. Using same codesc on both PC's. Both PC's are running Vista SP1.

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July 6, 2007
La Calamine
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Have the same Problem with some SD Channels.
Swicth TV/mpeg2 codec from PowerDVD9/SAF to ffdshow resolves the problem for the first time.
I'm still testing PowerdDVD/SAF with different config (maybe disable deintrelacing or other Catalyst Driver version can help).

I'm Using TT S2-3200 and KNC DVB-S2. GC is HD3200 Onboard with Catalyst 9.3

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