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    This is the simplest tool to use I have found for manually cropping length and cutting pieces (like ads) out of your DVR-MS files.

    1. Download and save the DVR Edit application somewhere handy, I use the Team Media Portal folder to keep things close. The download link only seems to work in Internet Explorer.

    2. Open a file with DVR Edit. For more fun, you can add DVR Edit as an application that appears when you right click on a DVR-MS file by going to an Explorer window, Tools - Folder Options - File Types, find DVR-MS, Advanced - New - and add it in there. Now when I right click a DVR-MS file I can choose ‘Crop’ and the file opens in DVR Edit.


    Drag the slider and click the [ icon to set the opening frame, ] for the closing. You can create multiple segments to crop out ads.

    3. When you’re done with your masterpiece, hit the round red record button to save your file. Unfortunately - this drives me crazy - you can’t save over the existing file, you’ll need to save it with a different name and delete the original afterwards. If anyone finds a tool as simple to use but lets you save over an existing file, let me know.

    It takes about 2 - 3 minutes to save a cut 30 minute long show on my computer.

    MCE has an add in called DCut which incorporates the same process, but within the Media Center 10' GUI. This would be awesome for Media Portal :D

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    Hi there

    Is there a tool that can combine two dvr-ms files into one single file?




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    Thanks Brocklander.
    Great tips, will try it out. 8)


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