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Steve Warner

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July 16, 2005
Once nice feature from BeyondTV that I'd love to see implemented in MP is the amount of hard drive space left and an approximate estimate of recording time available within the TV module. In BeyondTV, this appears in the Recorded Shows area, and I think that would be nice in MP. But it would also be nice to have this in the Scheduled Recordings section as well. That way you can tell if you're running low on drive space and need to either delete shows or compress them.

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January 26, 2006
I know this post is 6 months old, but has this been implemented in any way?

My biggest problem with MP is that I have absolutely no idea how much recording time I have left and I run out of space once in a while if I'm not cautious.


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August 13, 2005
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It is also hard to get an idea of the time remaining with the variation in capture cards, etc and various bitrates (say on HD and SD DVB-T). But perhaps just a simple "Space remaining" label will be good.

Perhaps this is already possible through skinning? But MediaPortal would need to supply the space remaining, as it does with the Time, Date, etc.

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