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M. Mulder

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February 23, 2006

Does the newest version of MediaPortol require hardware accelaration of the videocard (graphic card)?

I want to use it in combination with the Office Station (L100) from

But it doesn't support hardware acceleration


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    Interesting device, you might not get a definate answer out of that one. It seems to act like a pc extender, so its basically using a user logon on another pc and all its computing power and just asking like a remote connetor. Only problem I can see (apart from whether itll work/fast enough) is it says max supported colours are 65k which is about as good as a mobile phone screen.

    M. Mulder

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    February 23, 2006

    It supports 32 bits colour. I have already installed the card and my screen looks fine.

    Why do I ask this question:

    I read that the newest version of MediaPortal doesn't support Savage #D cards. That's axactly the chip on the Applica card. I think it is impossible that MediaPortal is going to work. What do you think?

    But I also found another device from Ncomputing

    It connat work with hardware acceleration such as 3D games, but will it work with MediaPortal. I hope so, because then I order the Officestation 10.




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    From their FAQ:
    Q What games can I play?
    A You can only run 2D games and Internet casual games such as a java and flash type.
    Refer to the list below for what is not supported through NStation :
    - 3D games that require GPU or hardware accelerator.
    - Single user game that requires the program CD.
    - Runs at only one registered PC and checks the IP address of the system.
    They probably mean that it does not support decent DirectX. I fear this will most certainly not work in any practical setup. Put simply: from the PC's point of view, there is no big difference between mediaportal and a 3D game.

    M. Mulder

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    February 23, 2006
    You probably right, the folks on Ncomputing are going to test MediaPortal on the officestation.

    Isn't there a virtual converter that converts VMR 9 to VMR 7.

    The renderer is removed out of the new realease of MediaPortal.
    MeduaPortal gives a pop-up screen that I have to install DirectX 9 SDK, but it make no difference. Why is that the case?

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