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March 24, 2008
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I've checked some other threads here, and think what I'm doing should work but just after some confirmation.

I have 2x Hauppauge HVR-3000 cards and 1x PVR-500MCE card for analogue, and the machine I'm configuring as a TV Server is a Pentium 4 3.0 (NetBurst) with 2GB DDR, 320GB IDE, 500GB SATA, FX5200 128MB graphics.

The HVR cards are used for DVB-S only (no DVB-T from Hedgehope and we're unlikely to see it for at least two years, if ever) so no HD. The analogue card is for Prime and backup for TV1/2/3/C4/Maori/Cue if both digital cards are busy.

The client machine will be my existing XP Media Centre (running on a Core2 Duo, can't remember # but I'm sure its an E7000 series, 2GB RAM, 160GB SATA2).

For the server side:

1. Am I likely to have any issues with disk performance recording multiple digital and analogue channels simultaneously?

2. Indications here are that a P4 3.0 will be up to it, but I'm noticing even running the TV-Server setup seems to lock up for several minutes at a time. Is a P4 really adequate, or just vaguely possible?

3. The two DVB-S cards are both connected to Diseqc switches so I can get both IS5 C-band (BBC, Australia Network) and Optus D1 (Freeview) on the same 1.2m dish. Here it says that Diseqc only works with three types of card, while here says that LN selection is supported on Hauppauge cards. What is the actual status of switching? With IS5 on input 2 I can scan that satellite, but I have not installed the D1 LNB yet.

4. Does TV Server support multiple LNBs with different LO's? The GUI isn't clear - you can pick two different LNB types, but one of the ones I'm installing (Ku on D1) needs a custom LO of 10750. If I set the custom LO will it still honour the select C band LNB LO?


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