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November 2, 2005
as already posted here:

I'll like to confirm I did a bit more testing and consider this a bug.. The error msg given by media portal is that no free tuner can be found..(while neither should be in use).

this issue happens if the channel you try to view is available to both tuners
this means if you make it so all channels on each tuner are not available on the other, it wont fail.. and ofcourse if either of the tuners is removed entirely both tuners work singularly fine.
btw the current rc1 doesnt handle this to well because it wont let u change channel if the next channel doesnt have a spare tuner either :) (the current cvs version does handle this fine and will let you keep changing channel and just not display anything if there is no tuner for any channel on the way)

I did try several things (like changing the name of the tuner to a name with brackets in a complete stab in the dark attempt). Perhaps the issue is caused by the two tuners having the same devicename name(friendly and commercial name are unique) and maybe media portal sets the device by name(looks it in the logs). but maybe im completely wrong.. I ofcourse did set diff priorities for the two cards aswell.

Any suggestions or ideas would help.

Btw this is an awesome program, I tried about 5 other programs before settling on this, so im hoping the dual tuner bug can be fixed :)

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