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  • December 26, 2004
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    Hello mediaportal fans!
    i need your help!!

    i have mp up and running very well with my Skystar2.
    but i realy need a DVB-S Card with a CI to use my Premiere and ORF Smartcard!!!

    i have seen in the requirements that mediaportal supports the

    Hauppauge Nova-S
    Twinhan VisionDTV Sat

    does mp also suport the Ci version of each card???

    if yes which one is better?
    or is there a better DVB-S Card with CI for mediaportal?

    i appreciate all helpful infos!!!!

    btw. to the moderator who has moved my original thread to the Badly placed posts, i dont know why it was wrong to post my question into the Media Portal Talk-Forum but it would have been very nice if someone could move it to the right place insted of closing it. a pm, mail or at least a post would have been a good idea to know what was wrong.
    that was not very nice :( .
    i hope this is the right place this time, if not someone tell me please.

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