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November 24, 2005
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I need assistance with trying to add two channels manually, one is critical as it is SVT Barnkanalen ;-)

I've added all channels that are provided in my cable here, but two are missing:
SVT 24
SVT Barnkanalen / Kunskapskanalen

I can live withouth SVT 24.

SVT 24 is sent on S06
SVT Barnkanaleen is sent on S08

I ask my the TV Server to scan with scan source set to Cable (have tried antenna as well, but got no S-channels at all then). I've also tried to change the sensitivity.

I did also try to add the channels manually but it's not totally obvious what Mediaportal channel that corresponds to S08. I've tried channels 10-19 without succes.

TV Malmö is sent on S10 and has channel number 19 in Mediaportal so I thought 10-19 should be a could range to try.

I can pickup the channels without any problem at all in Hauppauge's WinTV application. I just scan and they are found at once.

Thanks a lot!

!!! SOLVED !!!!

It just started working now... Don't really know what happened... =)

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