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January 9, 2006
Hi everybody,

I've just put my new media center together and installed Win MCE (wanted to try that first before I try MP). I've got a WinTV HVR 1100 working together with a DirectX 9.0 compatible Radeon 9550. The reason I got the 1100 is because it's a hybrid card and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to receive DVB with the old antenna we've got on the roof.

When I scan for DVB Channels using Hauppauges own software I find nothing. I do find all the analogue channels though. However, When I scan for channels inside MCE I find all of the DVB channels and the analogue channels. When I select Live TV to watch the channels I get the sound, and I'm able to switch channels with the remote, but MCE freezes and I only get a black screen, no picture.

I've tried installing all sorts of drivers and everything and unless no one in here can tell me what to try next I'll install MP to see if that works.

I've installed powerDVD 6 for the mpeg encoder and .net framework 2.0.

I really would appreciate if someone could help.



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    Well this isnt a MCE forum so I dont see you getting overwhelming response.

    The HVR-1300 is a software hybrid card so it wasnt exactly the best choice, but I do believe it was added specifically. MP recommends at least a 2.8Ghz if you want to use the analogue portion for recording but being a software card you will experience some limitations. DVB-T portion should work fine.


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    January 9, 2006
    I guess not, I'm aware of the limitations but as I live in the UK this is what suits me best, and it's the 1100 card I'm talking about not the 1300.

    Anyway, just downloading a different mpeg2 decoder to see if that does the trick.


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    November 3, 2004
    I've got a HVR-1100. This is what I think might be your problem. MCE is only picking up the DVB part of your HVR-1100, it is probably tuning in into the digital signal detecting channels, but hasn't got enough signal strength to display them properly hence you get sound but picture locks up.
    The analogue stations you think are being detected are probaly digital.
    If you want to use the analogue part of the HVR-1100 you will need to go to Hauppauges website to find the soft MCE encoder. with this installed MCE should recognise the analogue part of your card and give you the option of selecting either digital or analogue when going through the setup.

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