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January 7, 2010
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found an hdmi cable

it says "certificate no. 3b17-10"
used google to figure it out. is it hdmi 1.3? older?

my tv says "never ever use lower than 1.3 it can cause dmg"
i think its because the LCD uses Deep color, which is supported since hdmi 1.3

and now:

found 2 matches..

Simplay Labs - Consumers
where it says
- Category 1 certified standard speed HDMI cable.
- Compatible with HDTV resolutions 720p, 1080i ,and 1080p

next here: (german source)
DELL HDMI/HDMI "HDCP" INTERFACE KABEL STYLE 20276 NEU bei eBay.de: Monitor- Projektor- TV-Kabel (endet 10.01.10 19:40:04 MEZ)
seller says:
- certified for hdmi 1.3
but seems he doenst know what he talks about since next he explains is:
"max resolution supported is 1080". (in fact hdmi 1.3 is scaleable up to 1440p)

can anyone give me a small hint, since i am new to this stuff



both cable were found following the "certification no. 3b17-10" and other details printed on the cable


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    The cable spec has no changed in any of the HDMI revisions.

    Personally i would not hesitate to use it.

    there is a lot of rubish and mis-information as far as HDMI cables are concerned. A €100+ HDMI cable will not perform better than a €5 unbranded one.

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