hdmi cable and tv issue


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February 27, 2009
Hi there...

I've got the problem.. when i switch off TV and back on later(no difference if 5 or 50 minutes).
MP hangs up. :(
If i then Restart MP Process, i don't have any sound.

Next Problem ist that some Channels are "lagging", but i am still searching the forums on this one.

MP Standalone Install. MSSQL Version.(want to switch to Mysql today(Firstly the install of MySQL did not work).)
Board: Asus M3N78-EM
CPU: AMD Athlon 5050e 2x2,6GHz
RAM: 4 GB of some CORSAIR DDR2-6400
Graphics: Onboard GF 8300 with shared 256MB of RAM(512MB won't work currently)
TV Card: TECHNISAT Skystar HD2
Windows XP SP3 32bit



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November 20, 2006
Hi there,

I have the same motherboard board and don't experience this problem with my Toshiba via HDMI (although I have had other problems).

I'm running Vista at the moment, though I was using XP for the last 3 months and only change recently.

Here's some things to try:

- Upgrade the firmware on the motherboard from asus (it was very glitchy for me until I did this)
- Use the latest Geforce Drivers from the nvidia site
- Use the latest Geforce Platform drivers, on the nvidia site select product type = 'nforce', series = 'nforce series 7', product = '..... geforce 8' to get these (yes it doesn't make sense but do it!)

See how that goes...

Also, are u using HDMI for Audio?

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