HDMI integrated motherboard


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March 21, 2006
I am about to start my second HTPC project, and was almost complete with chosing witch parts to use. The original conf. where a Conroe processor (E6300 or E6400), A Nvidia 7300 GS and a m-ATX motherboard built in a small "Hiper" -case.

But then I stumbled upon this one: http://www.abit.com.tw/page/uk/motherboard/motherboard_detail.php?pMODEL_NAME=iL-90MV&fMTYPE=Mobile+Socket+478

A motherboard with onboard graphics and HDMI, sure it costs like three times the original mobo I was planning to use. But does anyone know If the integrated "Intel VIIV" is anything that can compare to a dedicated graphiccard for video processing?

Also should I wait a little bit and buy the upcoming Core2duo -merom or should I get one of the existing CoreDuo's T2x00 if I chose this mobo?


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August 24, 2006
Yeah, I read about this board too. Looks good, but I am unsure about the onboard HDMI vs a dedicated card. Think if it was just for watching SD & HD live or recorded TV should do the job just as good. Although the mobile CPU's seem to be a little hard to get and on the pricey side.

You could also wait till the Asus P5B-V DH come out.

Although, I think the best chipset would be G965.


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  • August 4, 2005
    But does anyone know If the integrated "Intel VIIV" is anything that can compare to a dedicated graphiccard for video processing?
    Im a bit unsure about those integrated GPU's, if you look to nvidias purevideo you will notice that the 7600GT is the smallest card that support all of the High Definition features:


    You will also see that the 6150 GPU cant do "Spatial-Temporal De-Interlacing", "Inverse Telecine" and "Bad Edit Correction" on High Definition material. And frankly, if the 6150 cant, then none on Intels GPU's can :)

    Besides, VIIV isnt a graphics cards, its a strange marketing term with no real meaning:


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  • February 16, 2005
    I'd be choosing an AMD/ NForce 6150 solution. I understand that will be a lot cheaper and be a very tried and tested combination.

    The Asus AM2 looks good and also comes with DVI/VGA and componant out.


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    March 17, 2005
    Surely the purpose of a HDMi socket would be to carry both video & audio from the board to your TV? Otherwise why not just get a normal 6150 board & use the VGA or DVI?


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    October 19, 2006
    About the X3000 performance (current driver 14.25):
    Also The Inquirer has reported on the GMAX3000's current poor performance, but that's because the new drivers aren't ready yet. Right now they are using 14.21, but hardware PS3.0 and T&L isn't added until 14.24, and hardware VS2.0 isn't added until 14.26. Hopefully Intel actually spends time on these drivers since that's usually their weak point and the GMAX3000 certainly has a lot of potential. If it ships in August it'll be the first DX10 chip beating the G80 and the first PC chip with unified shaders beating the R600.
    This is my first contribution -> Hello to everybody :)

    I recieved yesterday the hardware for my new HTPC (HFX mini, E6600) and I finally decided to install MP because I think it's the best for my needs. I will write about my experiences later...
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