HDMI out on ASRock 330


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November 19, 2009
Hi there
Am trying to troubleshoot my setup of MP /PureAudio
Before I dig any deeper, wanted to ask if the PA plugin will work thru the HDMI out on my ASRock 330 at all, or can it only be used via spdif?
I believe I have it installed correctly w/ asio4all (& can see the green A-OK checks next to my Nvidia HD audio in settings), and have configged & enabled it in MP. But I get no sound from any thing played via MP.
Win XP Pro 32 bit SP3

Much appreciated for any help. This plugin alone is what drew me to using MP!


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  • August 25, 2007
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    Hi cBc,

    Can you post a debuglevel logfile here? That will give me some more bachground info.
    Can you use the HDMI out with Media Player? What channels are visible in the ASIO4ALL settings?
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