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August 18, 2010
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Hi everybody,

As Logitech is releasing a new 5.1, I decided to buy the "old" but so good Z-5500 for my HTPC.
I was previously set up as followed :
- Old Motherboard Abit KN9 (set up on Realtek HD Audio)
- Graphic card Gigabyte HD4670 (with HDMI output)
- Samsung Full HD TV (plugged by HDMI)
- Windows 7 (sound device output set to ATI HDMI output)
- PowerDVD 10
So I had the sound going to the TV.

I am unfortunately able to plug the Z-5500 to my motherboard just by the 6 channel direct interface. (The Z-5500 is plugged by the Coax interface to another computer).
So I tried it, I couldn't get any sound played on the Z-5500, so I switched to Realtek AC 97 on the motherboard. After installing the driver, it worked ! Well, I had all the speakers working. Two problems then : the ATI HDMI output was 'not connected' in the sound devices (strange as the TV is my only screen, so it is plugged), and when I tried to play a Blu-ray on PowerDVD, an error message about HDCP showed up.
I tried then to switch back to HD audio on the motherboard (the sound driver AC 97 get installed everytime, I can't get to install 'HD Audio' driver). I so have the sound back on the TV, Blu-ray are working, but nothing out from the motherboard sound chipset...

Anybody knowns what way could I get it working ? By buying a sound card maybe ? Perhaps it is a driver issue ? Would I be able to get rid of the HDCP this way ? Any chance to bypass the HDCP check with PowerDVD ?

Thanks for your help

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