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February 4, 2006
I'm a newby to this forum and to the media portal site. I've looked and found lots of information, but not any clear-cut-and dry manual (with examples, except for the skystar en technotrend card) on how to install a pinnacle pc tv sat ci card (= twinhan dvb-s sat ci). what are all the steps needed to be taken to get this card working with Media Portal. can someone tell me without referring to just some bits of information which I find along the forum.

steps I've taken so far:

installed the twinhan DVB-Tv 878 digital tuner and capture BDA drivers, version

Installed media portal 0.1.3. copied the capturecard xml file to the team media portal program folder.

audio codecs and video codecs are from intervideo and were already present on the system = a hp m7290 media center environment with a asustek europa2 7134 fm tuner card. drivers of this card are disabled to ensure proper working of the pc tv sat ci card installed later on.

not sure what to do with dtv-dvb bda registry setting program.
not sure what to do with mce virtual dvbt.

when I run the setup of media portal in order to find the pc tv sai ci card, all it does is say "unable to create graph device". looked up this message and installed the microsoft patch, but that didn't help at all. OS = XP sp2 with media center 2005 (with all the latest patches/fixes/rollup2).

so if anyone can tell me one by one what steps I have to make to get this to work I would be very gratefull.


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  • May 31, 2005
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    I hvae used this card with 1.3.0. I didnt copy any Capturecarddefinitions file. Try to install it without doing this. Also switch drivers to or
    Those works with earlier versions of MP (Pre 0.2.0 RC2).

    One thing i know works, is 0.2.0 RC1 with drivers, and not copying that file. Im using this config right now.

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