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January 29, 2006
Evening everyone.

I just bought a msi 550pro should be here by the end of this comming week.
I've looked at gb-pvr and this program, after looking through the site I felt this site was much more organized and read a few posts around the net on the quality of the software also.

Im totally new to prv but experienced in building systems.

I heard cyberlink was junk so I'd like to use this software.

I am running xp pro service pack 2, media player 10, .net vers2 installed already.

first after installing the drivers for the msi card should I not even install cyberlink?

I downloaded The main program vers.0.2rc2 is this the right version of the program?

what other programs or files do I need to use mediaportal, I see there are other things in the download section

I also have read about a mpeg2 encoder, do I need this with my card and if so what do i need?

will the enclosed remote work with this software and if not what would I need to do to get it to work.

any help on any of my questions would be appreciated




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    I assume you mean this card...

    In answers to your questions

    1. No you don't need to install cyberlink.
    2. Thats the latest test version - yes.
    3. You'll need Mozilla if going to try the web browser plugin
    4. If think you mean decoder & MP ships with a couple but if you want to use a commercial decoders then ignore point 1. and install that software - it will give you the Cyberlink Decoders to use also.
    5. Search the forum for non-supported remotes


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