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Discussion in 'General' started by infinite.loop, March 11, 2007.

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    HomeTheatreSolutions in wiki

    What is the biggest problem for someone, who is building his first HomeTheatre Solution?

    "Bloody hell! Which hardware should i buy?" :confused:

    We now have a quite huge community with very experienced users :)
    In the forums we have very useful informations already. The problem is (as always) to find this informations when you need em.

    The idea is now to store all the info in the wiki, in a new section i have created today.

    In this section we have various categories to get a very nice and clear structure to store all our wisdom.

    Now for every piece of hardware we will create a new subpage which will then contain:
    • technical specifications
    • tips and tricks
    • useful links (maybe to a forum thread about it)
    • and testimonials from various users

    An example how it should look can be found ::here::

    For all of you, who want to show their ultimate HTPC Solution, we have the Showroom.
    On the showroom page we will have a list of these HomeTheatre Solutions (named by the user), and sub pages where the users can describe their systems, the work they have done and show photos.

    What do we need to get all of this done?
    1. basic structure:has already been created.
    2. constant expanding and maintaining: thats where we need ALL of you!
      everyone who does not know a thing about the Wiki and needs a helping hand, just has to post his question as a reply here. we will help you :)

    i am sure that this wonderful community can create something really great there!!!
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    I am planning to build a dedicated home theatre room. Any advise? was going to get a HD projector and have sound proof walls.

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