How can I get a cable TV signal to the attic without wires? (1 Viewer)


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October 13, 2004
I have Comcast TV service.
It is wired to all the rooms.
I just got the attic rebuilt and it is now the game room.
There is electrical power in the attic but of course no coaxial cable outlet.
Doing coxial wiring to the attic will be expensive because we would go thru 3 different walls.

Is there some kind of device that:
a. Is kind of a "Base station and receiver" kit.
b. Where the base station connects to a standard coaxial wall outlet (in any of the existing rooms) and power outlet.
c. Then the base station wirelessly transmits the cable TV signal to the receiver.
d. The receiver connects to the power outlet and receives the wireless signal from the base station.
e. The receiver also connects to a TV via coxial cable or (RCA) Audio/Video cables OR a to a PC with a TV Capture card.

So I can get a cable TV signal to the attic without wires.

Do you know of any device that can do this?


(Sorry, if I posted this in the wrong forum.)

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