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  • May 13, 2005
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    Section: TV module:

    I’m watching TV in the timeshift mode.
    When winding in timeshift Video-OSD shows start and end time of the current show.
    Additionally the time I’m in timeshift right now is shown.

    I would like to realise the following changes in this OSD.

    The show begins at 8:00 o'clock and ends at 9:00 o'clock.
    It is currently 8:40 o'clock and I’m in timeshift at 8:30 o'clock.
    Then in the OSD only 0:30 are shown, what means that I am in the timeshift 30 minutes after the beginning of the show.
    Here I would like to see the real time, which means that 8:30 o'clock should be shown.

    I would like to see how many minutes of the show were gone.
    In order to remain with the example:
    Show runs from 8:00 o'clock to 9:00 o'clock, it is now 8:40 o'clock, then I would like to see that the shown was running 40 min from 60 min.
    I tried to change this with Media Portal Editor, but wasn’t quit successful.
    Is that possibly even by changing the skin.
    Or has this to be supported by the Media Portal Code?
    Than this has to be switched into a Feature request.

    I hope it become clear, what I mean?

    Would be grateful for any assistance.


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