How do I COMPLETELY stop my MCE remote controlling Media Centre as well (1 Viewer)


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March 2, 2009
Most of the time my remote works fine, but occasionally it seems to decide to do control Media Centre and MediaPortal at the same time.

It's really intermittent, so it's driving me mad. Say 60% of the time, no Media Centre, then suddenly my remote starts doing both (usually MediaCentre on top of Media Portal ... but sometimes the other way round!)

If I then close Media Centre and hit guide (for example ... not just confined to that button though) on my MCE remote, sometimes it will reopen Media Centre in the guide

I'm running Vista 64bit with a the standard MP skin

I've followed these instructins

1) Created a registry key

GeneralUserGuides/GreenButton - MediaPortal Manual Documentation

2)Downloaded and installed from MPTray

If i go to services in the control panel and switch off the Media Centre services for good ... will that finally put a stake through the heart of Media Centre without upsetting Media Portal?

or is there a less "nuclear" option ...

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