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I'm desperately in need to stream my live-tv picture (the channel i'm currently watching) via multicast into my LAN. I found out there is nothing like this yet for mediaportal (the mediaserver-plugin is not capable of this).

Today I hooked myself via the GraphEdit-Tool from Microsoft into the DirectShow-Graph of a running Mediaportal instance. Having the graph, I inserted a Multicast-Sender DirectShow-Filter into the graph, and voila' i had my multicast-stream up and running.

Now I'm thinking of writing a quick plugin, which does exactly what I did with graphedit. Just with a setup-dialog to choose ip-address & port.

So far I see no problem, except that I don't know how a plugin could access the directshow-graph of core-mediaportal??

Please give some background-info and maybe some hints where I should read in the sourcecode!!


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