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I got tired of adding my Channel numbers everytime I did a clean install of MediaPortal so I came up with this script.

Your channel name format must be Numer Name (5 WTTG), because this script splits the name @ the space and takes the first array.

Install Apache and PHP5 (with SQLite support) on your MediaPortal PC. Copy and past this code into a new php page. Access the page via a web browser.


$db = sqlite_open("c:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\database\TVDatabasev4.db") or
die("failed to open the database");

$res = sqlite_query($db,
	   "SELECT idChannel, strChannel
	    FROM Channel
	    WHERE iChannelNr = 0
	    OR iChannelNr = 'Array'");

if (!$res) {
// This should happen :)
echo "All channels have numbers assigned";
} else {
while ($row = sqlite_fetch_array($res)) {

$idChan =  $row[idChannel];
$Channel = $row[strChannel];

$ChanNum = explode(" ",$Channel);

$res2 = sqlite_query($db,
	   "UPDATE Channel
	    SET iChannelNr = '$ChanNum[0]'
	    WHERE idChannel = $idChan");
echo "$Channel done.";

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