How to add DVB-T frequencies to MP and TV server?!? (1 Viewer)


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    MediaPortal and the TV server both have a xml-file with tuningparameters for DVB-T. If the frequencies for your area are listed in this file a channel scan will take a lot less time (because the channel scan will only scan the listed frequencies) compared to scanning all frequencies for you whole country or even all possible DVB-T frequencies.

    All entries should look like the following schema (shortened):

    <country name="YOUR_COUNTRY - YOUR_CITY/REGION" offset="125">
      <carrier frequency="198500" bandwidth="7" />
      <carrier frequency="498000" bandwidth="8" />
      <carrier frequency="530000" bandwidth="8" />
    Just replace the YOUR_COUNTRY and YOUR_CITY/REGION values and enter the frequencies in the carrier element.

    You can get the DVB-T frequencies from your local provider. The sample data is from where you can see that 198,5Mhz results in frequency="198500" and so on.

    After completing the entry please test if all channels are found and you didn't miss a frequency. Then please post your entry to this thread so I can add it to the SVN repository.

    Please also post updates about changed frequencies here!



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    <country name="Italy - Padova" offset="125">

    <carrier frequency="490000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="514000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="674000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="706000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="770000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="818000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="826000" bandwidth="8" />


    Please add this entry to SVN.


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