How to get ADI Ocelot working in MP

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by ozhtpc, August 11, 2006.

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    One way of getting an ADI Ocelot to work using MediaPortal is to use the easyapp plugin. I used it to run simple batch files that have the "old Ascii" commands for the Ocelot. I set up a separate batch file for each X10 device to turn on, dim, turn off etc. Then setup a separate set of applications under easyapp and you end up with point and click X10.

    An example to switch the House Number B Device number 4 to on using the Ascii Command set is

    The format of the string is as follows
    Send X10 command
    where hh is the house code 0 thru 15 (A-P)
    where kk is the key (unit) code 0 - 15 (1-16)
    where rr is the number of times to repeat this code 1 thru 15
    example, send B 11 once +X011001
    example, send B ON once +X011801
    example, send B DIM 5 times +X012005

    The example batch file to send the b4 on command to the serial port is

    mode com1: baud=9600 data=8 stop=1
    type c:\x10commands\b4on.txt>com1:

    the first line makes sure the port is on and configured correctly
    the next line simply types the content of the b4on text file to the com port.

    I know this is crude, but I can tell you that I can now fully control my theatre screen, projector, ceiling lights (dimmable), rope lights, seat lights (dimmable), exit lights and equipment power using MP. I also have queued X10 commands for presets such as Movie Start that dims the lights, turns on the projector, turns on seat lighting, lowers the screen from one button press in MP.

    For those that are interested, I use a Streamzap remote only for this and all of my MP setup.

    If anybody needs screen shots or additional info, just ask.
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    December 29, 2006
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    This sounds tempting enough to give it a try. I've a had a ocelot running for years now and only recently started with MP. I guess I can do the same batch file approach with the file runner capability of the basic home automation plugin?

    Does the Ocelot accept these commands while running it's own program, or will this only work if I unload the program from the Ocelot?

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