How to make powerscheduler work with auto-updating EPG? (1 Viewer)


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October 26, 2004
Does anyone have a good system to automatically update the EPG when shutting the HTPC down between each recording with Freds plugin?

Right now I have to manually update my EPG once a week, and it gets pretty annoying to do this week after week.

I use TvXB/XMLTV but haven't been able to automate the process when using the powerscheduler also.

Any ideas to improve this?


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  • November 23, 2004
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    Sorry, no solution, but I would emphasize this requirement.
    I have added it to a feature- wish- list long ago.

    An idea would be to temporarily suspend power- scheduler and then to update EPG in the background and to tell MP somehow to update its database with the newly arrived data.

    I use WEBEPG for retrieval of EPG- data and rumours are around that it will be integrated in to MP - someday. So this problem would vanish.

    There are also some workaround solutions in the German MP- forum, but they are all 'around' the solution.



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  • February 23, 2005
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    I use PVR Scheduler (instead of PowerScheduler) and have it set so that it wakes my PC from standby (S3) every Thursday afternoon, updates the EPG with the next 10 days data, and then puts the PC back to standby. I use TvXB to grab the EPG data, and the whole process takes less than 3 minutes....

    I can highly recommend PVR Scheduler.... :D


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  • June 30, 2005
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    I'm using WepEPG too, and the EPG in MP is updated without intervention, most of the times. Sometimes I do need to open the menu and tell it to update, but that has happened two times in months. The source for EPG in Spain only allows three days, so if it didn't work I would see it soon.

    I am also running Power Scheduler, and I've set my PC to hibernate (because of lowest power consumption). It turns on automatically every day and runs WebEPG (MP is running all the time). In fact I've set up the power button of the PC to hibernate :) . I only need to reboot once every week or two weeks (or if an update requires it).

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